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Answers to the most common questions!

Yes, in fact we encourage people with an injury to understand their limitations and how to work within their constraints effectively and intelligently.

Two. We recommend training a minimum of two times per week. Ideally, the two days will not be back-to-back so that the information we are teaching has a chance to be absorbed completely between sessions. Anything less than two times per week and we’ve found that there generally isn’t enough consistency to progress at a reasonable pace.

Yes! With classes for every level available Monday through Friday, if you miss your normal class time, we want you to come to another class to stay up to date on the information being taught.

With you will always know exactly what you need to work on to progress to each rank. Comfortable with what we’re currently working on? Look ahead to the next weeks skills and get a head start or use your time and our platform to go back and improve upon your weaker areas.