Welcome to the Laguna Beach Dojo

Learn self defense, fitness, and life skills in a fun and safe environment

Benefits of Martial Arts

Don’t let gym intimidation keep you from reaching your wellness goals.

Our curriculum uses practical self defense to build life skills

Build confidence by repeatedly pursuing and accomplishing small goals that eventually add up to great achievements.

Relieve Stress


Martial Arts helps to relieve stress through physical activity, development of mental acuity, and meditative practices. The combination of mind, body and spirit will truly make you more calm, confident, and relaxed in your daily life.

Unique Curriculum

Now you have access to the most clearly laid out curriculum ever developed in martial arts. Every skill and material requirement from White Belt to Black Belt is organized in a linear fashion with video tutorials and demonstrations included.

Get started in 3 easy steps:

Start with these 3 steps towards a healthier you.

Step 1

Schedule a Free Evaluation Lesson

Check out our facility, get a one-on-one lesson and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Step 2

Discover a new path to health and fitness

Don’t be that person that talks about it for years but never starts. Give yourself a chance.

Step 3

Start Your Journey to Black Belt!

Set the goal and start working towards it. You might be surprised how capable you are!

See what our students say

“Master Kash is one of those rare teachers that not only instructs people in martial arts but inspires students to find their full potential in life. We could not be happier.”

~ Marc O.