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Marc Ostrick

My daughter has been going to Laguna Beach Dojo for several years. We love Laguna Beach Dojo. Master Kash is an amazing teacher and wonderful with both kids and adults. Our daughter is currently a brown belt and her confidence definitely shines.

Stephanie Wander

Master Kash (and his staff) is the kind of teacher/coach you want for you and your kids. They start as young as three, but teach students of all ages and the the adult program is excellent too. Master Kash knows the Martial Art deeply, has the ability to impart it to different kinds of learners, and he knows how the practice can positively mold and shape anyone at any age. Every part of my life - fitness, self-esteem, connection with community, ability to handle adversity - is better because I joined the LB Dojo. I will be sharing this special place with my son too once he's old enough!

Corbin Radabaugh

Our son has been training with USSD Laguna Beach Dojo for less than a year but the difference in showing respect and mindfulness in dealing with adults and his peers was evident right away. He loves the art and is not only inspired every day to do his best, he also wants to learn to teach others. He has set goals for himself and is on target to achieve them thanks to Master Kash and his team. Everyone can benefit from his great teachings.

Samantha Andrus

My son has an IEP at school for a processing disorder and ADHD and this school has been such a game changer for him! Master Kash knows how to work with my son's needs, keep him motivated, and gives him the space to learn at his pace. Everyone is always so kind, patient, and gracious with him. Since starting here my son has learned how to manage his focus and attention to improve his reading and math. I can't recommend Laguna Beach Dojo more!

Shawn Bullington

It's hard for me to put into words how beneficial Laguna Beach Dojo has been for me. I have a professional life and I work quite a bit. Laguna Beach Dojo has helped to keep me present, focused, and motivated. The things I have learned at the Dojo translate almost every single day in many of my real life scenarios. I haven't just been taught how to defend myself, I've been able to grow more than I ever thought was possible, more than I even realized that I needed. I know its cliche, but if I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Keep up the positive and productive work within our community. Thanks, Shawn B.