Karate and Back to School…a Winning Combination!

There is no other activity that focuses as much on the complete development of a person as karate and the martial arts.

Training in karate develops the mind, body and spirit and this can have a profoundly positive impact on improving performance in school.

Martial arts develops self-discipline and focus through a positive reward system.

Ranks in karate are used as short term goals toward the larger long term goal of achieving Black Belt.  Students learn to put in the effort and overcome obstacles and challenges at each step of their journey through the ranks.  The mindset created through this process helps students be able to apply the same philosophy to their schoolwork and achieve higher levels of success than ever before.

Additionally, students will develop a high level of self-confidence making them virtually immune to bullying!  Bullying has been found to be one of the primary reasons that students’ grades slip.  When bullying gets severe, students spend significant time stressing and worrying about their situation thus taking their focus off of their studies.  Feeling confident that they could defend themselves if needed, martial arts students learn to walk away from or simply ignore the potential threats and scare tactics that bullies tend to use.


Master Jeff Kash

6th Degree Black Belt

LagunaBeachKarate.com and the Laguna Beach Dojo have been a fixture in the Laguna Beach community for more than 17 years.  Led by 6thdegree Black Belt, Master Jeff Kash, the Laguna Beach Dojo Black Belt instructors help develop children and adults in a practical self-defense style of martial arts with a heavy emphasis on character development.

Whether in the classroom or in a boardroom, the lessons learned while training in the martial arts, from the values we uphold to the habits we help create in our students, will translate into higher levels of success for each and every student.

Our karate lessons for pre-school children ages 3-6 and elementary age kids ages 7 and up are designed to develop the critical building blocks kids need – specialized for their age group – for school excellence and later success in life.

Our adult Karate training is a complete fitness and conditioning program for people who want to lose weight, get (and stay in shape), relieve stress or learn self-defense in a supportive environment.

Instructors can answer questions or be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at TheLagunaBeachDojo@gmail.com or call directly at 949-499-5768.  You can also visit our website at LagunaBeachKarate.com.

About Master Jeff Kash:  Jeff is a 6th degree black belt and senior instructor.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Oregon State University and a lifetime of participation in both team and individual sports activities.  He has been teaching karate and martial arts for over 20 years and has owned six martial arts schools in Southern California. Master Kash is passionate about helping students and families reach their highest level of success in all facets of life.